Research activity

Robert Courtois (M.D., Ph.D.) is senior lecturer (associate professor) in psychopathology and clinical psychology (University of Tours) and part-time hospital psychiatrist (CHRU of Tours).

Research areas
Psychopathological processes, individual vulnerabilities, risk and protective factors of the behavior of adults reflecting difficulty adapting to change:

  • Becoming an adult: risk behaviors, addictions, risky sexual behavior
  • Interpersonal relationships: violence, sexual abuse, domestic violence, harassment
  • Life history, adverse environment, coping with illness: personality, resilience, psychological health and quality of life

These themes come within the scope of clinical psychology, the psychology of health, or forensic psychiatry and psychology.

Thématiques de recherche (en français)

Processus psychopathologiques, vulnérabilités individuelles, facteurs de risque et de protection des conduites de l’adulte dans des situations traduisant des difficultés d’adaptation :

  • Devenir adulte : conduites à risque, addictions, sexualité à risque
  • Relations interpersonnelles : violence, violences sexuelles, violences conjugales, harcèlement
  • Parcours de vie, environnement aversif, ajustement face à la maladie : personnalité, résilience, santé psychologique et qualité de vie

Ces thématiques peuvent relever du champ de la psychologie clinique, de la psychologie de la santé ou de la psychologie et psychiatrie légale.



Robert Courtois is a part-time hospital psychiatrist (Psychiatric University Clinic, University Hospital of Tours, France). He also provides psychiatric expertise in the legal domain.

After managing an in-patient adolescent unit, he is now running the regional center that provides guidance to professionals working with sex offenders. This center is the “CRIAVS Centre-Val de Loire” (Centre de Ressources pour les Intervenants auprès des Auteurs de Violences Sexuelles).


Teaching undergraduate and master degree students about psychopathology and clinical psychology; e.g. the psychopathology of childhood and adulthood, research methodology for student, concepts of psychotherapies, addictions, antisocial behaviors and risk-taking at adolescence, the consultation-liaison psychiatry, etc.

Academic responsability

Previous responsibilities: internships, undergraduate degrees, headmaster of the Department of Psychology, in charge of the title “Master in Psychology” etc.