Research activity

Robert Courtois (M.D., Ph.D.) is senior lecturer (associate professor) in psychopathology and clinical psychology (University of Tours) and part-time hospital psychiatrist (CHRU of Tours).

His research is focused on: forensic psychiatry and psychology, violence, sexual violence, risk-taking behaviors (sexuality, addictions), becoming adult, and personality assessment.

(Ses recherches portent sur : Psychologie et psychiatrie légale, violence, violence sexuelle, conduites à risque (sexualité, addictions), accès à l’adultité et évaluation de la personnalité)



Robert Courtois is a part-time hospital psychiatrist (Psychiatric University Clinic, University Hospital of Tours, France). He also provides psychiatric expertise in the legal domain.

After managing an in-patient adolescent unit, he is now running the regional center that provides guidance to professionals working with sex offenders. This center is the “CRIAVS Centre-Val de Loire” (Centre de Ressources pour les Intervenants auprès des Auteurs de Violences Sexuelles).


Teaching undergraduate and master degree students about psychopathology and clinical psychology; e.g. the psychopathology of childhood and adulthood, research methodology for student, concepts of psychotherapies, addictions, antisocial behaviors and risk-taking at adolescence, the consultation-liaison psychiatry, etc.

Academic responsability

Previous responsibilities: internships, undergraduate degrees, headmaster of the Department of Psychology, in charge of the title “Master in Psychology” etc.